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Rich Palms Casino Underage Gaming Policy

Rich Palms Casino is unwavering in its commitment to providing a gaming environment that is not only entertaining but, more importantly, responsible. Central to this commitment is our dedication to preventing underage gambling. This comprehensive Underage Gaming Policy is designed to elucidate the stringent measures and procedures we have put in place to ensure that individuals below the legal gambling age are not permitted to engage in any real-money gaming activities on our platform.

Age Verification Process

Thorough Age Verification Procedures

To partake in real-money gaming at Rich Palms Casino, individuals must meet the legal gambling age stipulated in their respective jurisdictions. Our age verification process is designed to be thorough and comprehensive, ensuring that users unequivocally meet the age requirement before engaging in any gaming activities on our platform.

Documentary Verification

In instances where age verification is inconclusive through initial checks, Rich Palms Casino retains the right to request additional documentation. This may include government-issued identification or birth certificates. Failure to provide satisfactory documentation may result in the temporary suspension of account functionality.

Strict Prohibition on Underage Gaming

Unyielding Zero Tolerance

Rich Palms Casino maintains an unyielding zero-tolerance policy when it comes to underage gaming. Individuals who have not attained the legal gambling age (typically 18 years old or as per jurisdictional regulations) are explicitly prohibited from participating in any real-money gaming activities on our platform.

Account Suspensions

In the event of suspicion or evidence of an account belonging to an underage individual, Rich Palms Casino reserves the right to suspend the account pending further investigation. Any winnings accrued during this period may be subject to forfeiture.

Responsible Gaming Education

Empowering Players through Education

Rich Palms Casino places significant emphasis on educating players about responsible gaming practices. We provide comprehensive information regarding age restrictions, the paramount importance of responsible gaming, and resources available to those who may require assistance.

Encouraging Parental Controls

We strongly encourage parents or guardians to utilize parental control software to limit access to gaming websites. This is an effective measure to prevent minors from accessing age-restricted content, including real-money gaming platforms like Rich Palms Casino.

Reporting Underage Gaming

Vigilance from Users

In instances where users suspect or have evidence of underage gaming on Rich Palms Casino, we urge them to promptly report such concerns. Our dedicated customer support team will conduct a thorough investigation into any reports received.

Privacy Assurance

Reports related to underage gaming are handled with the utmost confidentiality, strictly adhering to our privacy policy. Rich Palms Casino is resolute in safeguarding the privacy and identity of those who come forward to report such concerns.

Collaborative Efforts for Prevention

Community Involvement

Preventing underage gaming is not just a responsibility for us; it’s a collective effort. Rich Palms Casino actively engages with communities, industry stakeholders, and advocacy groups to contribute to broader initiatives aimed at eradicating underage gambling.

Ongoing Improvements

We continuously evaluate and enhance our systems and procedures to stay at the forefront of underage gaming prevention. Regular training programs for our staff and advancements in technology are part of our ongoing commitment to providing a secure gaming environment.


A Shared Responsibility

The prevention of underage gaming is a collective responsibility shared between Rich Palms Casino and our valued players. By implementing rigorous age verification measures, upholding a zero-tolerance policy, fostering responsible gaming education, and engaging in collaborative efforts, we strive to create a secure and enjoyable environment for our users.

Ongoing Commitment

Rich Palms Casino remains dedicated to continuously enhancing and updating our measures to prevent underage gaming. We appreciate the cooperation of our players and the broader community in helping us maintain the integrity of our platform and uphold responsible gaming standards. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Underage Gaming Policy, please reach out to our customer support team for prompt and thorough assistance.